Postdoctoral fellowship

Scholarship topic

Study of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in diseases of the ocular surface, more specifically, the interaction between the innate immune response, the adaptive response and the corneal nerves. Different wild-type and transgenic strains of mice will be used to model dry eye as a typical ocular surface disease, to then characterize how epithelial and nervous tissue damage occurs in the cornea and what is the relative contribution of each of them. the elements of the immune response, using techniques of microsurgery, molecular biology, flow cytometry and confocal microscopy, among others.


Basic Medicine




Innate Immunity Laboratory

Institute of Experimental Medicine (IMEX)


Be a graduate in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Veterinary or related Biological Sciences. Have defended the doctoral thesis before August 1, 2022. Interest and background related to the theme of the project (not exclusive). Experience working with laboratory animals (not exclusive). Experience and predisposition for teamwork will be positively valued and references from the doctoral thesis site will be considered.

More information

The application is to select candidates to apply for the CONICET general call that will take place in February 2022. The scholarships would start in August 2022 with a duration of 36 months.

Management team: Dr. Jeremías Galletti.

Place of work: Institute of Experimental Medicine (CONICET-National Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires).

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