About us

The Institute of Experimental Medicine (IMEX, Instituto de Medicina Experimental) is a scientific institution belonging to CONICET and the National Academy of Medicine.

Our main goal is to advance the state of knowledge in science and medicine to improve human health. To achieve this goal, in IMEX we conduct basic and applied research in key areas of medicine, like hematology, thrombosis, genetics, immunology, oncology, ophtalmology, pharmacology and infectious diseases with impact on public health.

At IMEX, scientists work in close collaboration with clinicians to effectively translate discoveries from the laboratory into clinical interventions. IMEX also contributes to the formation of new investigators in experimental medicine, by offering training programs and fellowships for PhD and post-doctoral studies. Ultimately, the institute aims to nurture and develop close collaboration and knowdedge transfer among academia, industry and healthcare sector.

In summary, in IMEX we are committed to fostering innovative research in medicine in order to improve medical care and public health.