The IMEX animal facility currently has Balb/c, C57BL/6, Eµ-TCL1 and C.Cg-Tg (DO11.10) 10Dlo/J strains mice. These animals are raised under strict barriers, seeking to maintain their microbiological and genetic quality.

The health status of these animals is periodically monitored at Charles River Laboratory, Wilmington MA, USA, by PCR techniques (PRIA) evaluating the presence of more than 40 biological agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites). The last microbiological test was carried out on April 02 2021, determining that all the mice in our colony are free of all the specific pathogens tested.


Responsable: Vet. Hector Costa


Biotherium Staff

  • Gabriela Camerano
  • Martín Ramos
  • Juan Cáceres
  • Marcelo Belén
  • Pablo Yulán

High level technical services (STAN)

Laboratory mice supply (medium barrier system)
Laboratory mice supply (maximum barrier).
Mice Housing

Technical specifications

The animal housing experimentation sector has room that can harbor 210 animals, three laboratories equipped, among other things, with two vertical laminar flow cabinets to work in sterile conditions, as well as spaces to perform conventionally tasks.

In addition, the IMEX has an external experimentation laboratory, designed and equipped to work with infected animals. This laboratory has a biological safety cabin (A2/B3) to work with animals (changing boxes, inoculations, surgeries, necropsies, etc.). The experimental animals are housed in autoclavable polycarbonate micro-isolators throughout their stay. The laboratoy has an air injection and extraction system with a HEPA filter prior to air outlet, guaranteeing the exchange of air within the room. It has a Pass-Box for the entry of elements from the central vivarium, an autoclave to inactivate all the waste generated in this laboratory prior to disposal, among other safety and hygiene characteristics, thus guaranteeing the safety of the staff.