The Laboratory of Onco-immunology is focused on studying chronic B cell neoplasms, particularly chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Leukemic cells from CLL patients recirculate between the blood and lymphoid organs where they receive pro-survival signals from the protective microenvironment, leading to progression and resistance to antineoplastic therapy. On the other hand, leukemic cells induce the dysregulation of both, innate and adaptative immunity, through the release of soluble factors and cell-to-cell contact. The aim of the laboratory is to investigate the regulatory mechanisms of CLL migration, the characteristic immunodeficiency of CLL patients and the role of novel agents (kinase inhibitors and BCL-2 inhibitors) on non-malignant leukocytes. Throughout the years we have established collaborations with different public and private health institutions which have favored and improved the translational aims of our research. The incorporation of the CLL murine model, the Eµ-TCL1, into the IMEX animal facility has widened the possibilities of investigation, particularly those which implicate infectious agents or the evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies.


Chair: Mirta Giordano, PhD.

CONICET Senior investigator

E-mail: giordanomirta@gmail.com





Co-Chair: Romina Gamberale, PhD.
CONICET Independent researcher. 

E-mail: rominagamberale@gmail.com



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