An Olympus FV-100 confocal microscope is available at the institute of experimental medicine (IMEX), offering high level technical services (STAN) with full technical support. These STANs cover the entire process of a microscopy study including sample preparation, image acquisition, and image analysis. A thermostatted incubator chamber for the acquisition of images of living cells in culture is also avaible, allowing the study of dynamic processes in cells. Each service can be contracted individually, according to each user requirements. Appointments are requested through the appointment management system of the National Microscopy System.


Responsible: Federico Fuentes, PhD.

Contact: +54 11 4805 5759 (ext. 272).


High level technical services (STAN)

Sample preparation service for confocal fluorescence observation and time lapse microscopy.
Confocal fluorescence microscopy image acquisition of fixed samples and time lapse of living cells.
Processing and analysis of confocal microscopy images.

Technical specifications

Olympus FV ‐ 1000 confocal microscope


Available laser lines: 405 nm, 488 nm, 543 nm, 635 nm.

Objectives: 60X water immersion (AN 1.2), 60X oil immersion (AN 1.42), 20X (AN 0.75), 4X (AN0.16).

Emission Filters: 505-525, 505-605, 560-620, 535-565, 480-495, 430-470, 560-660, 655-755.

Olympus MIU ‐ IBC incubator chamber




Uses: prolonged observation of living cells in culture.

Temperature control: stabilization of temperature on the lenses, the camera stage, the internal liquid and the lid.

Gas control: double control for gases, we have the heme3 mixture: 5% CO2 + 20% O2 + N2.