Molecular and cellular biology services

The Institute of Experimental Medicine (IMEX) has a Molecular and Cellular Biology service that offers professional advice on different methodologies in the area, giving added value to the research carried out.


  • Lic. Betiana Ziegler
  • Bioq. David Antonio Rosso
  • Lic. Federico Birnberg
  • Lic. María Fernanda Camacho
  • Dra. Nancy Lorena Charó


Mycoplasma detection and Taq DNA Polymerase production

Laboratory Specifications

In the IMEX Molecular Biology laboratory we have the following equipment:

  • A Real-Time PCR kit (CFX Connect from Bio-Rad) that includes software for high-resolution melting temperature (HRM) genotyping.
  • Clean area and counter for RNA extraction.
  • Area and counter for routine work, including spectrophotometer for quantifications, centrifuges, thermal cyclers, electrophoresis equipment.