The institute of experimental medicine (IMEX) has a bioinformatics service whose objective is to advise the different research groups on modern computational biology methods that allow them to achieve their scientific goals. Bioinformatics has a transversal role, so it collaborates with the rest of the laboratories, providing a high added value to research and development activities.

Responsable: Martín Ledesma, PhD


Bioinformatics services

Exome, gene panels, arrays and RNAseq data analysis.
Eukaryotes and prokaryotes genome data analysis
Metagenome data analysis


Technical specifications

Two High-performance computers for massive data analysis: 1 Asus Z370-P Prime 1151 Motherboard, 1 Kingston A400 120gb Sata SSD Disk, 1 Seagate Ironwolf 7200 256MB NAS RAID 6T Hard Drive, 1 Gigabyte GTX 1060 mini lTX GF video card OC 3GB DDDR5, 1 Source of 700W Gigabyte 8700h 80 plus bronze, 1 Micro Intel Core I7 8700k 4.70ghz Cofee Lake 1151, 3 memory DDR4 16GB 2400 Mushkin Blackline.